Frequently asked questions

The AA Car Warranty is a comprehensive car warranty product offered by AA Financial Services to protect vehicle owners against unexpected repair costs.

The AA Car Warranty is tailored for older models, offering comprehensive coverage, roadside assistance, and additional benefits like car hire and overnight accommodation in specific scenarios.  With the AA Car Warranty, you are guaranteed a product that is trusted by many vehicle owners for its reliability and that has the backing of the AA.

The AA Car Warranty is designed for a variety of vehicles. However, specific eligibility criteria applies. Your vehicle should be less than 12 years old with less than 250,000 km on the odometer, among other conditions.

Older vehicles generally come with higher risks of issues. An AA Car Warranty provides financial protection against unexpected breakdowns, ensuring peace of mind.

The AA Car Warranty offers roadside assistance, car hire in certain situations, and coverage for overnight accommodation if you break down more than 200 km from home.

The AA Car Warranty covers major components like the engine, transmission system, fuel and ignition systems, electronic systems, and more.

Absolutely! Your car's eligibility depends on factors like mileage and purchase date. As long as your car is less than 12 years old with less than 250,000 km on the odometer, you can get an AA Car Warranty. Ts & Cs apply.

No, the policy covers sudden, unforeseen breakage or failure of covered components. Wear and tear damage as well as regular maintenance is not included.  

No, all repairs must be done at an AA Quality repairer or an AA Warranties approved repairer to ensure quality and guarantee.